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It all starts with

The Ambiance

You are where you eat

If you are looking for “the average” lunch place, you may need to consider another restaurant.  Chef Sean Bone is anything but “average”.  Every menu item is deliciously created to give your palate an experience of flavour and delight.  It’s not just about filling your tummy until the next meal, and this is why…

Chef Sean Bone is a Red Seal Certified Private Chef who has spent many years cooking for the rich and famous in a private setting (private yachts & estates).  He, therefore, specializes in creating menu items that meet the desires and expectations of these high-profile clients.  Because of this experience, Chef Sean can make any meal into a masterpiece!  He often leaves his guests at a loss for words.  This type of culinary prowess is rarely seen in someone so young and his notoriety (especially in the private industry) is held in the highest regard.  He has attained many accolades from top-end executives, athletes and celebrities.

As a young boy, Chef Sean was deeply influenced by his Mother and Nona who were both Italian.  He learned that almost anything can be created from scratch.  In his later years, Chef Sean discovered his own passion for cooking and joined the Culinary Apprenticeship Program at Vancouver Community College.  He was trained under Chef Brian Fodor at Granville Island’s “The Sandbar”, Chef Annabelle Leslie at Cardero’s, Chef Robert LeCrom at The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver and Chef Dino Renarts at The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver 900 West/Bistro Pastis.  The guidance and mentorship provided by these highly respected chefs motivated Chef Sean to become known as one of the most meticulous and hard-working chefs in Vancouver.

Fine dining achievements have included two years at Le Crocodile under Michel Jacobs and Franck Berthelon.  In addition, Chef Sean spent two years learning the business under restauranteur John Blakely at Bistro Pastis while working with Chef Alain Leguet, Chef Dino Renarts and Chef Brad Miller.  Chef Sean rounded his skills off by spending time with Chef J.C. Poirier at Chow Restaurant on Granville Street in Vancouver.

Chef Sean’s personality makes it impossible not to love him.  His modesty and keen wit are a great combination.  His love of food and passion for flavour drives him to continually grow and change with the industry.  Langley has adopted a new TOP CHEF!





In something

You need to believe